Best Table Saw Reviews 2018 – Portable, Jobsite, Contractor, Cabinet, Hybrid

The most important investment a woodworker can make is on a table saw. It is costly, yes, but most crafts are centered on this machine in the workshop. That’s why you cannot afford to make a mistake of choosing a tool that does not suit your needs. When looking to buy a table saw for the first time, or making an upgrade to the current one you have, it’s imperative you consider a few crucial factors.

A good table saw is smooth, and it produces accurate woodcuts. It should have the appropriate safety features like flesh-sensing technology, a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and much more.

Our article focuses on the best table saws on the market, and we aim to guide you through into selecting only the best for your future projects. Each project might require some uniqueness to the table saw but there is always some similarities thus we will highlight all the key points to each of these products and elaborate a bit to make it easier for you.

best table saw

Top Best Table Saw Comparison Chart on the market 2018

Model WeightMotor
Rip CapacitySizePrice
DEWALT DW745DEWALT DW74545 pounds15 amp20 inches 10 inches
Check Price
Bosch 4100-09Bosch 4100-09124.2 pounds15 amp25 inches 10 inches
Check Price
DEWALT DWE7491RSDEWALT DWE7491RS90 pounds15 amp32-1/2-Inch10 inches Check Price
Bosch GTS1031Bosch GTS103152 pounds15 amp18 inches 10 inches Check Price
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01SKILSAW SPT70WT-0149 pounds15 amp25 inches 10 inches Check Price
Makita 2705Makita 270565.5 pounds15 amp25 inches 10 inches Check Price
SawStop PCS31230-TGP236SawStop PCS31230-TGP236491.4 pounds13 amp30 inches 10 inches Check Price
Shop Fox W1819Shop Fox W1819536 pounds12.8 amp29 ½ inches 10 inches Check Price

Best Table Saw Reviews 2018

Here are the detailed reviews of best table saw 2018 for your type of projects.

Best Budget Table Saw - DEWALT DW745


Powerful Performance

The DW745 table saw features a 15 amp high-torque motor that helps it deliver as much power as needed for any tough jobs. You will easily cut hardwood with it without going over it again. This is the reason most woodworkers or people in DIY projects love it as you sweat less when using it and do more within a short time. You will also find it to be an excellent tool while cutting pressure-treated lumber as the powerful motor makes very easy. Also, the saw gives you all quick and clean cuts thanks to its 10-inch blade with a very high spin speed at all times regardless of what you are cutting. This makes it a great entry level table saw as well as for professionals for under 500 bucks.

Easy adjustments, Huge Rip Capacity, retractable fence

If you need a portable table saw with a large rip capacity, look no further. The DEWALT DW745 saw features a great fence configurations enabling it to deliver 20 inches rip capacity. This means that you will have an easy time with your projects and can do just what you want. Again, you will have an easy time with fence adjustments thanks to its rack & pinion fence rails. You can make quick, accurate and smooth adjustments whenever as the fence features a telescoping design that supports full sheet rips. You can also retract the fence when you need to transport the saw.

Easy to setup, lift, move and store

Not unless you enjoy taking a little adventure on your equipment parts, no one really likes to take forever trying to figure out how to setup their machine, especially when you have an urgent project. This table saw is the easiest to setup as it features a versatile guarding system and you can thus set it up in different ways for various applications. Again, it features a really portable design thus making it easy for you to use it anywhere. It weighs just 45 pounds thus lifting it up won’t be a problem. You will also move it around with ease and does not require too much space for storage as it is in a compact design.

Coated table surface and dust collection port

Expect less friction while using this table saw as its table surface is coated thus improved cut quality. It also features a sturdy metallic roll cage base for a stable and secure setup while also improving its durability as this base quality is way better and durable than the plastic options. You also get an onboard storage for easy access of any of the components. Also, cleaning up after your day’s work will be much quicker as the saw features a dust collection port that enables you to easily connect your saw to the shop-vacuum thus efficient dust extraction.


  • Easy to setup, lift, move and store
  • Optimised footprint
  • Steel roll cage that protects it from job site drops plus impacts
  • 1850 W motor ideal for high performance
  • Cast table design for accuracy and precision
  • Features an overload protection system to ensure powerful performance in all conditions (hard, frozen/wet woods
  • Quick bevel lock featuring large scale allowing easy and accurate adjustments
  • Dust-collection port allowing efficient dust collection
  • Comes with a miter gauge, blade guards, a push stick, and a 4-tooth carbide blade


  • Has no wheels buts it’s lightweight thus easy to grab and move.

Best Jobsite Table Saw - DEWALT DWE7491RS


Versatile table saw

Whether you need a table saw for cabinet installation, hardwood floor installation, trim carpentry, deck building or any other serious woodworking, the DEW7491RS is the best table saws for under 1000 bucks. It is super easy to setup and very accurate. A rolling stand is included and this enables you to set it up within no time and get into your project. It also features a pinion fence system and rack allowing you to have quicker, smooth & accurate fence adjustments thus minimizing on wastage while improving your output. Its great rip capacity makes it the ideal tool for just any projects requiring the use of a table saw. You can rely on it for all your projects.

Strong motor (15 amp), very portable

The strength of your motor also plays a huge role on how accurate and precise the saw is going to be. With this table saw, there is no hesitation on whether the power will be enough for your kind of projects. It allows you to go further and more creative or adventurous without fail. Again, the table saw features large and heavy duty wheels offering easy roll over debris, steps or curbs. You can literally move it over any surfaces on your job site, and it will come out strong. This makes it the best deal for use in any environment as maneuverability is not a problem.

Perfect for narrow rip cuts and onboard storage

Almost all projects in this line require some narrow rip cuts from time to time. It is therefore advantageous if your choice of a table saw supports this otherwise you might encounter some challenges along the way. With this saw, narrow rip cuts are highly possible as it features patented material support for narrow rip cuts. You also get to enjoy the convenience of onboard storage as it makes it easier to access any of the accessories and also adds to its portability.

Great dust collection port

No one wants to work with a dusty table saw as this is not only annoying but also health threatening. The DWE741RS table saw features an improved 2-Inch dust collection port that offers the convenience of connecting it to an efficient vacuum for perfect dust extraction. With it, you will have a cleaner working environment and an easier time cleaning up after the project.


  • Fast, smooth and accurate fence adjustments thanks to Rack and Pinion Fence System
  • Great Rip Capacity (32-1/2.”
  • Very stable rolling stand for easy setup & breakdown
  • 2 Inch dust collection port
  • Patented material support for narrow rip cuts
  • 15 amp motor
  • Extendable and retractable telescoping fence rails for ease of portability
  • Features large and heavy duty wheels offering easy roll over debris, steps or curbs
  • Onboard storage system
  • Comes with 10” 24-tooth carbide blade, a rolling stand, miter gauge and push stick


  • Slightly expensive but worth it as it makes the best table saw

Best Benchtop Table Saw - Bosch 4100-09

Bosch 4100-09

Easy to setup, maneuver, and store

This is a fully-featured and very accurate table saw. You can take on any job with it. The table saw features a Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand that enable you to move it to any worksite once done with setting it up. The wheels are strong to move swiftly on any terrain. Again, when it comes to storage, this table saw takes the lead as it features a collapsible design thus minimizing on storage space. And, the stand is built to last as it has a powder-coat finish.

SquareLock Rip Fence for Precise cutting

You don’t want to waste your materials to the poor cutting table saw. With the Bosch 4100-09, you will not only have the best cutting trueness but also have the least of waste at the end of your project. You will also increase your output significantly as it is super-efficient. You will also love it when on single-handed operations as it easily glides along the rails. It also features a riving knife that prevents the materials from pinching the blade thus smooth operation.

Ideal for both smaller and larger jobs, easy blade changes

The table top is large enough for 25-inch rip capacity thus will easily take on any larger sheet or stock. You will not have to need to add any extensions with this table saw and these results in more output. This is what everyone who uses a table saw would love to hear because you cannot have different saws for each job. Again, changing blades with this table saw is super easy and quick as it features the arbor lock system. It is the best portable table saw you can find.

Tough enough to withstand any abuse

This table saw is particularly designed for rugged use. The table top, in particular, is a fabrication of machined aluminum which enables it to offer a long-lasting performance. Actually, you will have a quicker return on this investment because once set there are no hiccups along the way. The sub base is also very durable thus supporting the table to withstand any abuse from any job. You will also love the onboard storage for all the accessories as it makes it easier to move between jobs.


  • Features an innovative gravity-rise stand
  • Portable thus ideal for just any work site
  • Very precise
  • Features Bosch’s innovative Smart-Guard System
  • Sturdy sub-base
  • AquareLock rip fence
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Comes with a blade guard, anti-kicking pawls, and riving knife
  • Features a single-point bevel movement thus consistent accuracy
  • Has an enhanced dust collection
  • T-slot miter system


  • Loud and dusty

Best Portable Table Saw - Bosch GTS1031

Bosch GTS1031

Perfect portability plus balance

When it comes to portability, Bosch takes it a notch higher by designing a table saw that perfectly fits the definition. Their GTS1031 features a one-handed carrying design thus enabling you to take it with you just anywhere. The handle can best be described as having an ergonomic, comfortable grip plus an optimized center of gravity for ideal balance. Given that the total weight of this saw is 52 lbs., you will have an easy time moving it from one job site to another. When loading it to your track, you will find it easier as it features dual side handles. It is the most portable with the best balance table saw in this category as it also features rubber feet.

Very durable and convenient on-tool stowing under the table

One way to know how well your table saw will do in a tough job site environment is examining how well its base has been constructed. With the Bosch GTS1031 table saw, the base will easily take any form of job site abuse as it is an all-steel construction thus very durable and will hold on any impact and any other tough job conditions. However, despite all the toughness, this base is super lightweight for a table saw thus contributing largely to portability. You will also love the convenience of easily accessing your accessories while on your projects and safe storage and transportation thanks to this table saw’s onboard tool storage under the table.

Very accurate/precise cuts

Just as with the other Bosch table saws, the GTS1031 saw features a SquareLock Rip Fence that help in decreasing waste through increased cutting trueness. Once accuracy is enhanced, what follows is a greater output, and this is just what you get with this table saw. Also, it features auxiliary fence slots combined with the T-slot miter gauge hence improved accuracy and overall best output. It is also the best when it comes to single-handed operations plus full upright splitting or non-thru cuttings. You will enjoy working with it and greatly maximize your output.

Versatile table saw

This table saw is designed to take on various tasks with ease perfectly. It features an optimized capacity thus perfect for a broad range of applications. If you are into DIY projects, this is a perfect tool to spice up your work. For professionals, I bet you already know what a tool like this means to your daily output. There is so much that you can achieve with the tool and it is also very affordable considering all the great features it is equipped with. It also comes with all the necessary accessories to help you get the business quickly.


  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Super portable table saw as it features a super-balanced one-handed carry handle plus a compact design
  • Comes equipped with the Bosch’s innovative Smart Guard System modular blade guard for outside trueness
  • Square lock rip fence with a self-aligning design thus accurate performance
  • Designed to support faster and accurate cuts at all times
  • Durable all-steel base ideal for any job site abuse
  • Features an optimized capacity thus perfect for a broad range of applications
  • Features on & under tool storage for transportation and ease of accessing accessories convenience
  • Comes with a 24-tooth carbide blade, a rip fence, a miter gauge, a push stick and two blade-change wrenches
  • Efficient dust collection bag


  • It is loud, and the start is not so soft

Best Benchtop Table Saw For The Money - SKILSAW SPT70WT-01


Durable construction

The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 table saw is purposely constructed for use in tough job site conditions. It features a very durable all-steel roll cage combined with a die-cast aluminum top. This means that it can withstand a great deal of job site abuse. You can confidently use it in any environment as it has all the necessary features to withstand any conditions. It also has the capacity to withstand the most extreme temperatures thus won’t break with temperature changes.

Perfect table saw for ripping

This is the ideal table saw for all your ripping projects. It is equipped with the torque and power to tackle even the most difficult cuts without bogging. It actually makes your work easier, quicker and overall better output. It features the best dual field motor, 15AMP thus an increased cutting speed plus a smooth startup and an overall cooler, long lasting saw. The saw easily manages large cuts thanks to the saw’s 25” rip capacity and 3.3 Inch depth cutting. You will rip just any size of plywood with ease.

Lightweight & Portable

The overall weight of this table saw is 49 lb. which is quite ideal for portability. This means that setting it up while at the job site takes just a short time and it even gets better when transporting it. The whole purpose on clicking on the contractor table saw category is to get the best on the market and this is by far the best as it has all the necessary features for the job.

Accessories and on-tool storage

Well, the only thing you can add to this purchase is a folding stand as everything else is included in the package. The table saw comes with a 24-tooth cutting blade, self-aligning fence, miter gauge, a guard system featuring an anti-kickback device, push stick, wrenches and insert blade. You also get an on-tool storage for the convenience of accessing the accessories and ease of transportation. Overall, the SPT70WT-01 table saw is a great tool to invest in. It is durable, easy to use and super-efficient.


  • Portable and compact construction
  • Very lightweight for a table saw (49 lbs.)
  • Worm Drive gearing for maximum power and torque
  • 15AMP Dual-Field Motor
  • Increased cutting speed
  • Smooth startup
  • No vibration while cutting
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • On-tool storage
  • 25” rip capacity plus 3-1/2 inches depth cut
  • Easy to adjust bevel for true cutting
  • Best cutting speed (15Amp)
  • A bit cheap but powerful


  • Stand not included

Best Contractor Table Saw - Makita 2705

Makita 2705

Versatile and Functional

The Makita 2705-10inch is a handy table saw to fit a wide range of professional applications and it’s also good for beginners. Whether it’s at home or at the workshop. The small, compact size makes it easy to pick and move it from place to place. It has a high load capacity seeing that it draws 15Amp power. It can deliver up to 4800RPM to improve its overall performance.

It can rip 4xmore wood than other saws. Standing at 3-5/8inches at 90-degrees and up to 6”x13/16 dado blade, its wide area of applicability makes it a total win. Not to mention, the extension table can rip 4x8ft sheets of wood which is more than great for the capacity.

Straightforward to Use

Starting with the blade guard assembly, you can see that it is tool-less such that you can install and remove it in an instant. It allows the switching between the riving knife and the blade guard to come about effortlessly. You’ll like that it has adjustable spreader/riving knife to help the wood to glide safely. The blade guard is designed in a way that you can see what’s happening below the table as you work. You don’t have an excuse not to work with a blade guard if you are working with the Makita model.

Fast and Easy Adjustments

To adjust the blade length, this product uses the two-pole slide system. It helps in smooth raising and lowering of the blade so that you can make the proper adjustments for a clean cut. The bevel locking handle together with the cam-locking rip fence ensures that you can make quick blade tilts with precision.

Integrates Superior Safety Mechanisms

A table saw is as good as its safety features. The Makita model comes with two independent anti-kickback spawls and the riving knife. The riving knife can adjust into three positions to enable dado cuts, non-through, and through cuts. These positions change quickly with the help of a quick release lever.

Gives More Accuracy

Looking at the machine table, it achieves a totally aligned surface to provide the most accurate cuts. You’ll notice that the precise cuts you make remain true throughout the time of using this table saw. With the ¾ and 3/8 T-slot miter gauge, it can secure the wood in place to prevent unwarranted shifting.

Absolutely Convenient

This contractor saw is not only versatile, but it also includes a storage space which can store most of the accessories. These include the saw blade, miter gauge, wrench, push stick, power supply cord and safety guard. The scale has a magnifier for fast readings, and there’s a large ON and OFF switch.


  • Safety dual side guards
  • Excellent cutting capacity (it can rip 4x8ft of plywood)
  • Precision table achieves high accuracy levels
  • 15Amp power produces 4800RPM
  • Lightweight and portable (82pounds)
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Scale uses magnified symbols for a clear view
  • Runs smoothly without glitches or sudden stops
  • It’s convenient and spacious
  • Telescopic fence rails
  • Provides storage on the saw
  • It produces silent vibrations when cutting


  • The base does not have wheels

Best Cabinet Table Saw - SawStop HP 3PCS31230-TGP236

SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

All-Around and Fully Functional

For all the lovers of DIY projects, this table saw is made especially for you. It comes with all the accessories you’d ever wish to see on a table saw. It has a 10inch saw which lets you make different cuts on different wood pieces. It utilizes a professional fence system to give the most accurate and straightest cuts. This way, whichever project you undertake, you’ll have a great final piece. The precise alignment mechanism also lets you get perfect wood cuttings the first time.

Patented Safety System

SawStop does not make any comprises when it comes to your safety. It uses a blade guard mount to keep chunks of wood, broken blade teeth, and dust from flying back to your hands and eyes. With the combination of a riving knife, it prevents the blade from lifting and throwing workpieces at high speeds back at you. The anti-kickback pawls also play a vital role by holding down the wood in case it moves backward causing a kickback. No one wants to rush to the ER with eaten fingers so watch out for these safety features and uses them each time.

Exclusive Flesh-Sensing Technology

SawStop uses their patented blade brake which senses when the blade gets into contact with a body part and stops it instantly. This feature is unique to SawStop since the blade is constructed to have a signal which changes when conducting a human current. It transfers the signal to the blade and the power. Consequently, the blade and power stops which drives the blade under the table in a matter of milliseconds.

Robust and Durable

This cabinet table saw uses a cast iron table. It has heavy-weight trunnions with thick arbors. The gas pistons assist in facilitating vertical trunnion travel which considerably improves the operation. SawStop has remarkable poly V-ribbed belts to transfer power quietly with minimal vibrations. It reduces the wear of moving parts to ensure that it lasts in the best condition.

High Accuracy for Rip Cuts

This table saw uses a T-square fence. It is an essential part of this machine as it is sturdy to give the highest accuracy levels. It combines with the saw’s miter gauge to deliver any angled cuts and cross cuts.


  • The T-Glide fence has a construction from heavy-duty steel
  • The dust collection blade guard can collect up to 99% of the created dust
  • Ergonomically designed to use one-foot for operations
  • It has a mobile base with two fixed wheels and two 360-degree casters
  • Robust construction from iron cast on the table and dense trunnions.
  • Quick, safety mechanism protects hands from contact with the blade
  • Riving knife prevents kickback events
  • Blade guard and riving knife is easy to change tool-free
  • Works with both 10inch and 8inch dado blades


  • It’s heavy if you want to move it to a different location

Best Hybrid Table Saw - Shop Fox W1819

Shop Fox W1819

Built to Last

The Shop Fox W1819 is a machine built to serve you for many years to come. It has cast iron table and wings which are resistant to rust. The massive cast iron trunnions also make it robust since it is not coming apart anytime soon. This table saw includes a triple belt drive and a 3HP Leeson Motor. It is intended for heavy duty work as it heavy cast hand wheels to complete tough jobs effortlessly.

Efficient for all Workshop Duties

Starting with the miter fence, this table saw works great with long woods. It provides excellent support that is much better than what you would experience when working with a miter gauge alone. You’ll also love that it has a flip stop which allows you to make precise cuts when making several cuts on the same piece of wood.

Safe to Work With

The assembly features some essential safety elements. First, it has anti-kickback pawls which have a location by the sides of the spreader. This means you’ll never hurt your fingers in case the teeth get caught and caused even the slightest backward movement. The pawls are useful in that they hold on to the wood guiding it in one direction. They always provide instant slow down of the wood in the event of a kickback.

There’s also a blade guard and a polycarbonate shield which add to your overall protection when working with the unit. Since the blade guard is clear, you can always see what’s happening on the other side. Not to mention, the guard is always in contact with the wood to prevent sudden shifts.

Make all Types of Designs

By being able to shift the wood using the blade tilt, you can cut compound miters, chamfers, or bevels at precise angles. The adjustment of the tilt blade is quite easy. It uses a lock which helps guide the hand wheels to make angles from 0-45degrees.


  • Riving knife prevents a kickback
  • Includes many safety features (riving knife, shield, anti-kickback pawls)
  • Has a miter fence for long pieces of wood
  • Cast iron table and cast iron trunnions
  • It has a 4inch dust collection port
  • It has a thermal overload protection
  • Quick release blade guard
  • Easy to wire and assemble
  • Can make different wood designs using the blade tilt


  • Uses 220V power which may require rewiring for shops
Our top pick – Recommended Table Saw
All the eight table saw reviewed above are great and that’s why they are featured in this article. But, there is always the best even among the highly rated and in our case here, DEWALT DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw takes the lead as the best value for the money. To ensure that we have something for everyone, we have identified some of the best table saws for professionals, beginners and for contractors. We also have ensured that whether you want to spend under 1000 or 500 bucks you’ll get something from our list.

Table Saw Buying Guide

best table saw

Types of Table Saws

Table saws are in four different types:

Bench Top Table Saws

These saws do not have a stand. Instead, they use a workbench or table for support. Benchtop table saws, sometimes known as jobsite table saws, are the smallest of table saws since they are lightweight and they have small dimensions such that you can pick it up to a different location.

Contractor Saws

Seen as the most portable designs; this type of table saw is a big attraction for contractors who move to different job sites. They are mostly made from lightweight aluminum metal with a belt-drive configuration. The trunnions are also not as heavy-duty as those you’d find in a cabinet table saw. Contractor saws have their motors located on the outside of the saw with a power replacement of around 1HP to 1¾HP.

Cabinet Saws

This table saw is considered the heaviest of them all weighing around 600pounds with the wings and fence as part of the machine. It is meant to stay put in a workshop. Their table tops are mounted to a smooth surface using their heavy cast iron tables. This equipment has a cabinet beneath the table which harbors the motor and heavy-duty trunnions. The motors can run with 3HP or 5HP.

Hybrid Table Saws

These table saws combine the features of a table saw and a contractor saw into one. There are different components to incorporate into a table saw to make it work as a hybrid table saw. Their distinctive features are the cabinet designs at the bottom. Otherwise, the surface looks much like other contractor saw.

best table saw

Features to Expect in a Table Saw

  • Elevation and Tilt Wheels

These components allow you to direct the height of the blade and consecutively the depth of the cut. The elevation hand wheel is located at the front of the table saw. For example, if you have a 10inch table saw blade, it should be able to go to the highest position at 3-5/8 to perform accurate 4x cuts in one pass.

On the other hand, the tilt hand wheel is at the side of the saw. It is responsible for allowing the various tilts from 0-45degrees from the fence. It can tilt either on the right or left side in terms of the location of the arbor in that particular table saw.

  • Dust collection system

Working with a table saw that has no mechanism for eliminating the sawdust can be a messy affair. First, you’ll be working on a dirty table and also putting yourself in the danger of developing respiratory problems. Dust collection in a table saw comes in the form of a port which collects the sawdust as it is being created. Some can be as deep as 4inhes with a vacuum dispenser to allow continuous work with the table saw.

  • Miter gauge

Perhaps the feature you’ll never miss on a table saw. A miter gauge is adjustable, and it should be firm when the lock is applied tightly. It should also glide smoothly through its slot to provide accurate angles when performing cuts. You’ll encounter two types of miter slots: the T-slot and the rectangular slot. Miter gauges for rectangular slots can fit into T-slots, but the gauges for T-slots cannot fit into rectangular slots.

  • Saw Blades

These are divided basing on the arbor size, diameter, kerf size, number of teeth and application. The materials that make saw blades are also another method by which they are divided. You’ll find that even though most blades are meant to cut through wood if you intend to cut through other stuff, you can see blades in carbon and carbide. Other blades of high-end table saws use diamond teeth which can cut through metal.

Blades come in standard sizes like 10” or 12.” Some blades can be as big as 1ft while others as little as 5inches. With teeth between 24 and 80, they are intended to fit their specific applications.

  • Motor

The type of motor also defines a table saw. In the case of portable saws, they can produce 2HP when running on 120V circuits. Hybrid saws mostly fit this category. For the powerful table saws, they can produce up to 5HP on 220V circuits.

  • Drive Configuration

There are two types:

  • Direct drive motor

This type of drive system is linked directly to the blade. The power moves from the motor to the blade without a belt.

  • Belt Drive Motors

Power is transferred using a belt drive which spares the motor the wrath of sawdust. It enables the machine to last for longer than direct drive motors. Belt drives are either poly-V belts which counter the vibration felt on the machine as it cuts. Regular-V belts do not hinder vibrations and can, therefore be loud. Always wear ear protection when using table saws with regular V-belts systems.

  • ON/OFF Switch

The switch comes in handy to stop the machine during accidents. It should be large and located at the front of the saw where you can operate it using the whole hand. The OFF switch, in this case, should always be bigger than the ON switch to enable fast action.

When examining the switch, look for one that provides a plastic cover on the ON button to prevent accidental switching up. A switch that can be locked using a padlock also comes in handy to avoid switching up by unauthorized persons and kids. There are also magnetic switches which keep the machine OFF during power surges and irregularities in power supply.

Table Saw Accessories

  • Table Extensions

As the name suggests, they are pieces of wood or metal platforms which are used when manipulating large sheets of material. They are mounted on the table’s sides to increase the working capacity of the machine.

  • Mobile Stands

These are bases that come with wheels to allow mobility of the machine. They lock into the bottom of the table saw such that when you are working it is stable and steady but it can move around the station when need be.

  • Dado Sets

During shelving applications, you may need to cut straight slots and wide slots in a single pass. That’s where dado sets come in handy.

best table saw

Types of Table Saw Blades

The best cuts are only achievable with the right blade. Blades have a construction from different materials. Carbide blades are made to be resistant to impact, for example when cutting aluminum sheets.

Ripping blade

It rips lumber along the grain. They have fewer teeth than crosscut blades.

Crosscut blade

It performs crosscuts at a slightly less aggressive angle than a ripping blade. They have more teeth since they need to slice across.

Combination Blade

It works for mitering, crosscutting, and ripping. They are preferred as everyday sawing blades.

best table saw

Factors to Consider when Buying a Table Saw

Here, we will just mention briefly the factors that should guide you in deciding the best table saw for your type of projects. We are going to elaborate more on what you should be looking for when purchasing a table saw. Read through:

  • Weight

The weight of a table saw indicates the type and portability. If you are looking for a stationary table saw, weight is not a hindrance as is the case with cabinet table saws and hybrid table saws. However, if you need a portable table saw, you should look at the weight of the machine. It should be easy to pick up and travel with to different job sites.

  • Overall construction

Some job site environments are pretty tough thus your table saw should be twice as tough to withstand all the abuse. The materials used in overall construction should be the best, and the construction itself should be versatile. This plays a huge role in the machine’s functionality.

  • Balance and stability

A stable or well-balanced table saw gives you an easy time working with it. You will save time as it allows you to work as fast as you wish and thus improved output.

  • Stand, handle and wheels

A stand comes in handy when you need to set the saw up on your job site, and if the stand has wheels, you will have an easy time maneuvering it around. Also, if you will be loading the saw in your truck, it should have handles. This gives you an easy time and also it’s more secure as you will unlikely hurt your fingers.

  • Power

A powerful table saw means you get to do more and better than you would otherwise do with other tools. If you are looking into increasing your output, invest in a more powerful table saw.

  • Rip capacity

Your table saw’s rip capacity determines how versatile it will be. If you are not buying it for just a one-time project, just invest in a table saw with a great rip capacity as it will be useful in many other projects.

  • Depth and width cutting

Each cutting will require different depth and width cutting. The question is, how deep or what width can your saw handle? Just as with Rip capacity, this also plays a huge role in the versatility of the tool so the deeper and wider the better.

  • Dust collection mechanism

You don’t want to take too much time cleaning up after you’re done working. If your table saw has a great dust collection port, you can easily connect it to a vacuum for efficient dust extraction.

  • Ease of setting it up

Again, no one wants to take up too much time trying to set up their table saw. Make sure the saw you are about to buy is easy to set up. You can check the customer reviews to see the kind of experience other buyers had while setting it up.

  • Smooth startup

A smooth startup gives a smooth operation and less wastage.

  • Quiet operation

Some table saws are too loud when in use such that you cannot enjoy what you are doing. You might not come across a totally quiet table saw, but there is definitely one with minimum noise. Machines that use regular-V belts produce higher noise levels than those that use Poly-V belts.

  • Accuracy and precision

Accuracy is everything when it comes to table saw operations. If the saw is accurate, you will not only have less waste but also have great output with all your projects. You will also end up saving a lot of time because you won’t to do the same cut twice or keep readjusting the settings after every few cuts.

The most common cause of inaccurate cuts is by using the wrong alignment of the miter gauge on the slots. Remember that T-gauges cannot fit rectangular slots.

  • Included accessories

The best table saw should have all the necessary accessories. Apart from a stand that’s not included in all the above choices, all the other important accessories come with your package for a smooth operation.

  • Onboard storage

You should be able to access all these accessories whenever you need them easily, and there is no better option to this than having an on-tool storage. Also, transporting the saw becomes more convenient and secure as you will have everything together.

  • Table top size

The table top size determines the kind projects you can handle, small or large. A small table top might limit you or force you to add an extension. Adding an extension is not exactly a bad thing since if you are investing in a table saw worth thousands of dollars, it should have the capability to increase the working capacity.

  • Voltage Requirements

Cabinet table saws mostly utilize 220V electricity on three-phase or single phase electricity. While contractor table saws use 110Vpower, you’ll find hybrid table saws can use either of the two power requirements. Therefore, 110V is better for portable table saws since their power outlets are widely available outside the workshop.

  • The available space

Check the space you need when buying a table saw. Stationary cabinet table saws take up a lot of space. If you’ll use it in the middle of your workshop, you may have trouble working with long wood and large sheets of material. Ensure that you have at least 8ft of space from the blade both in front and behind and 36inches all around the blade.

  • Consider Portability

Know the dimensions of the table saw if you want to take it to job sites. Contractor table saws carry small weight such that it can be moved easily. They also take up little space such that if they have wheels bases, you can relocate it to another area of the workshop.

best table saw

Safety Features

Table saws are regarded as the most dangerous workshop tools we have today. As such, there have been significant advancements to improve the safety features of table saws. The necessary safety aspects to look for in a table saw include:

  • Riving Knife

This is a piece of metal which glides right behind the saw blade. It is the same width as the table saw blade to keep the board separated. It helps in preventing the wood from pinching the blade which could cause kickback and severe injury. It should be raised and lowered automatically, and have a smooth uninstalling mechanism when you want to work with a dado blade.

  • Anti-kickback pawls

These pawls can be located on either side of the riving knife. They are like springs which hover on the wood as it glides along the blade. If the wood was to get caught in the teeth and bounce back, they are in place to provide a barrier by which the wood is caught and stopped before performing a full kickback.

  • Big, Paddle Style Switch

When you want to turn off the saw, using your hands is not always possible. That’s why you need to use either the leg or knee. Paddle style switch comes in handy at such times.

  • Blade guards

A high-quality blade guard should let you see the blade and the wood as it works. Some blade guards have a construction from plastic and can be a single piece or dual piece which covers the saw blade’s top. It’s always important that you use the provided saw blade’s guard whenever possible.

  • Blade Brake

Perhaps the most intelligent of safety features is the blade brake. This is a mechanism which stops the blade when it comes into contact with a body part. It is an innovative feature which has saved thousands of workshop workers from serious injuries. This attribute is a trademark of the SawStop Table saw and has been integrated into all their models. Although it adds to the cost of a machine, you should consider it for your future safety.

  • Kick Switch

If your hands are on the same course as the blade, you may not get to the switch in time to prevent further injury. That’s why you need a table saw which has a switch that can be engaged using the knee, leg, or hip movement.

  • Left Blade Tilt

This is an arguable fact that left blade tilt designs prevent the occurrence of kickback more than right blade tilt. Most table saws whose angle tilting is from 0-45degrees bevel adjustment have their blades tilt to the right. In this position, the wood is susceptible to pinching into the blade and causing kickback. A left tilt mechanism seems to keep the wood in a smooth glide.


You will not go wrong in any of your projects if you purchase the right table saw. We hope that these table saw reviews offer you the needed information to make the best choice. Whether you are on a budget or not, make your work easier and increase your output by getting the right tools for the job. Place your order ASAP and see the difference from the onset of your next project.

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