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One of the best things these days which helps in keeping workplaces as well as workers safe is none other than the dust collector. Yes, you heard that right, a simple dust collector. Though the name sounds pretty simple but this magic item has the capacity to collect the tiny particles floating around you which can cause severe breathing problems. Today we are going to discuss some of the most amazing tips and tricks related to a dust collector.

Always buy a dust collector that comes with high-pressure rating

  • One of the best things about purchasing a heavy duty dust collector is that it can even collect minute particles with ease. Such collectors even work perfectly fine during a combustible dust explosion. You should always keep this important point in mind that such dust adversely impacts your health and is the root cause of grave diseases.

A safety monitoring filter is a must

  • The best thing about installing a safety monitoring filter is that it helps in preventing the dust to re-enter the workspace. This device comes in quite handy in case of any leakage in the dust collector. Another best thing about this backup system is that it is not very costly and do wonders with your existing machine.

Make sure that the hopper never stores any dust

  • A hopper is an integral part of a dust collector and you need to make sure that it never stores any dust. The main job of the hopper is to discharge the dust into the connected storage connector or drum. Also, you need to make sure that the drum is emptied on a regular basis. If the dust keeps on accumulating inside the hopper then there is a strong chance that an explosion or fire may occur.

Simply avoid pulse cleaning

  • There are many people who use pulse cleaning method while cleaning the filters. This entire system is based on PLC drives and it carries a major drawback. It can damage the valve. Hence, one of the best things to do is to opt for timer based circuits. Not only they ensure even cleaning but are also highly reliable.

Additional safety accessories to make system safer

  • Always opt for safety ladders as well as safety platforms. Not only they help you to do your job easily but can also help you stay safe. Imagine cleaning an area by putting yourself over a table. How unsafe can it be? A smooth floor can help you clean the area easily.
  • Apart from these mentioned safety platforms, there are many more safety devices which can be used such as gloves, safety dresses, and goggles etc.

Make sure the filter should get easily replaced

  • Easy replacement of the filter is another important point that you should always keep in mind. It is a delicate affair and a little carelessness can cause extensive damage to the machine. There are big dust collectors which can be easily cleaned by staying outside. However, there are many workers who go into the bag to clean the dust. This normally damages the filter. Hence, make sure to clean in from outside and the filter should be easily replaceable whenever there is a need to do so.

Fire prevention mechanism is the need of the hour

  • This one is crucial for places where there is a lot of wood dust. As you know that this type of dust can easily catch fire, hence, make sure to install a high-quality fire prevention mechanism at the earliest. This will help in preventing fire-related incidents and you will be able to work with a free and relaxed mind. In order to find the best fire prevention mechanism for the dust collector, simply search over the internet and you will find lots of companies selling at a reasonable price.

All these above mentioned tips and tricks have been carefully chosen after dedicated research. Once you start following these points, you will ensure a longer life for the equipment and excellent performance. A properly maintained dust collector can work for many years. It is always good to read the instruction manual so that you can make yourself aware of important maintenance points.

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