Growing mint in plastic bottles with water is a simple and cost-effective way to cultivate this herb at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Bottles: Choose plastic bottles with a capacity of at least 2 liters. Ensure they are clean and have the labels removed.
  2. Mint Cuttings: Obtain healthy mint cuttings from an existing plant. Cuttings should be around 6 inches long and have several leaves.
  3. Water: Use clean, chlorine-free water. If your tap water contains chlorine, let it sit for 24 hours before using it to allow the chlorine to dissipate.


  1. Prepare the Bottles:
    • Cut the plastic bottle in half horizontally, roughly at the middle.
    • Keep the top part of the bottle as it will serve as a funnel to support the mint cuttings.
  2. Prepare Mint Cuttings:
    • Take mint cuttings, making sure they have a few leaves on each stem.
    • Trim any excess leaves from the lower part of the cutting to prevent them from being submerged in water.
  3. Fill the Bottles:
    • Fill the bottom part of the bottle with water, about 2-3 inches deep.
  4. Insert Mint Cuttings:
    • Place the mint cuttings into the water, ensuring that the submerged part has a few nodes where roots can develop.
    • The cuttings should be well-supported and not fall into the water.
  5. Assemble the Planter:
    • Invert the top part of the bottle (the funnel) and place it over the bottom part to create a greenhouse effect.
    • This helps maintain a humid environment for the cuttings.
  6. Place in a Sunny Location:
    • Put the assembled planter in a location with indirect sunlight.
    • Mint prefers partial shade, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  7. Monitor and Maintain:
    • Check the water level regularly and top it up if needed.
    • Change the water every few days to ensure it stays clean and free of algae.
    • After a few weeks, you should start to see roots developing.
  8. Transplanting:
    • Once the roots are well-established (several inches long), you can transplant the mint into soil if desired.
    • Choose a well-draining potting mix and transfer the mint, burying the roots in the soil.

By following these steps, you can easily grow mint in plastic bottles with water at home. This method is particularly suitable for beginners and is a great way to propagate mint from cuttings.