Growing a lemon tree from a lemon branch is often done through a process called propagation. While using toilet paper is not a typical method, you can employ the following steps to propagate a lemon tree from a lemon branch using the more conventional method of rooting the cutting in soil. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Materials Needed:

Fresh Lemon with Seeds:

Choose a healthy and ripe lemon.

Toilet Paper (Optional):

While not necessary, you can use moistened toilet paper to help keep the cutting hydrated during the initial stages.

Sharp Knife or Pruners:

Use a clean and sharp tool to cut the branch.

Rooting Hormone (Optional):

Rooting hormone can enhance the chances of successful rooting.

Pot or Container:

Choose a pot with drainage holes to plant the cutting.

Well-Draining Potting Mix:

Use a mix suitable for container plants.

Plastic Bag or Plastic Wrap:

Create a humid environment around the cutting during the initial stages.