DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher Review

DEWALT DWP849X is abrasive tools ultimate performance and smooth finish to the surfaces. With this tool, it would help to polish completed easily.

DEWALT DWP849X is a speed polisher with variable speeds, ultimate performance and smooth finish to the surfaces. It is an outstanding creation for car garages where customer satisfaction is the final test and for home users who want to keep their precious cars, at their beautiful best.

DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher


The is a tough speed polisher model, carrying best technical and practical features since it is manufactured by Dewalt, a leading producer of industrial power tools and accessories. It is very good for polishing cars and boats and giving finishing touch to metal and concrete surfaces. It is an ideal tool for metal craftsmen, painting experts, and auto and boat detailers.

Here is a detailed DEWALT DWP849X Variable Speed Polisher review which describes all its features and specifications along with the pros and cons of the product.

Features and Specifications of DEWALT DWP849X

  • Power and variability of speed

    DEWALT DWP849X is a very robust polisher having a 12-amp motor and variable-speed capability. The variable speed dial, which is electronically controlled module, allows the user to set speed from zero to 600/3500 rpm to give an even finish on different surfaces and materials.

  • Precision

    The polisher contains steel gears which are heat-treated and precision-cut for a flawless painting experience.

  • Less deterioration and lesser services needs

    It is provided with a Controlled Finishing System with soft start, which provides improved speed control resulting in desired finish quality. The Integrated wool ingestion shield considerably reduces the unnecessary wear and tear of product and thus increases its years of utility and lesser expenses on servicing and repairs.

  • Good grip and Light weight

    In spite of being a very powerful tool it does not weigh too heavy, making it usable for longer stretches of time and at various inclinations with the surface. It has a very good grip, with a three-position bale handle and a traditional side handle. It provides additional gripping options to do the task at an easy posture. The rear handle, with a rubber over mold is soundly designed, makes polishing an enjoyable experience.

  • Tool-free accessory changing

    A tool-free and quick accessory change is possible due to hook-and-loop backing pad. It is also compatible with hook-and-loop accessories from other.

Pros and Cons of DEWALT DWP849X


  • DEWALT DWP849X is a heavy duty tool and can work continuously for longer spans. It is a trustworthy tool to handles large amount of polishing work with expert finesse.
  • The tool does not heat up on the handles and doesn’t release hot air from the cooling fan, much to the relief of user. The placement of handles provides a very good grip over tool without tiring the user.
  • Variable speed control provides the use, a range of speeds which can be set to give the desired finish on the surface. This feature also prevents smoldering or scratching of polish and gel application.
  • The RPM dial is located at a very comfortable position to be set easily and observed during working. It offers numerous options to choose from depending upon the task requirements.
  • The rim of the pad is made up of a soft cushion and does not mess the paint.
  • The product is great for polishing and if buffing or sanding has to be done, it gives equally good performance.
  • Changing accessory does not need an array of tools due to its hook–and-loop pad and it is compatible with a hook -and-loop pad from any other vendors.


  • The polisher is provided with soft start which can be jolting a bit when DEWALT DWP849X is powered up.
  • The tool does not heat up on the whole but a few metal spots on the surface do get heated but not at an alarming temperature. Temperature is never high to give you burnt hands. Still the polisher must be held by the handles only, to be safer.
  • It generates a small humming sound but not a big distraction for the user.


Overall, DEWALT DWP849X is products with excellent production to give a quality finish to any auto polishing job being done. Any type of vehicle may be a car, boat or even a mini-plane can be polished with ease and in very short time. The light weight makes it comfortable to hold for long durations without giving much trouble to the user. The possible range of speed allows the work to be finished faster, compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Heating of a few spots on the service is a minor issue that can be taken care, if the tool is used with care. Otherwise handiness is the term that summarizes its benefits. The job of polishing and buffering experience is professionally.

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