DEWALT DCK211S2 12-Volt Max Drill/Driver / Impact Driver Power Tool Combo Kit Review

If you are a weekend handyman looking for the best combo kit then I would highly recommend DEWALT DCK211S2. The component tools are compact and lightweight.

Have you been looking for the best combo kit to add to your toolbox? I love DIY home projects and when it was time to use the services of a driller/driver, I did not know the combo kit that could deliver the best for my needs. After extensive research, I came across the DEWALT DCK211S2 combo kit. It is one of the best additions you can ever make to your tool box because of quality of work it produces and performance. In this review, you are going to learn more about this kit to help you make informed choice.



Features and specifications of DEWALT DCK211S2

Before discussing the salient features and specifications of this product, it is important to point out that DEWALT DCK211S2 combo kit consists of two main components. These components are the 12-volts Max drill/driver and the quarter-inch impact driver. Each of these tools is designed with high level of ingenuity making them highly compact and with a lot of power despite their small sizes.

The 12-Volts Max Drill/Driver

  • Features dual-speed transmission that is capable of providing 0-400 RPM or 0-1500 RPM with a fifteen-position clutch.
  • It also features a 3/8-inch single-sleeve and keyless chuck specifically designed to minimize bit slippage thereby preventing inaccuracy and possible accidents.
  • It has a built-in LED light that illuminates the work area so to provide clear vision for accuracy and quality of work.
  • The driver/drill is only 7-1/2 inches long, meaning it can fit into tiny places/spaces, offering secure penetration without resulting into damaged screw-heads from angled driving attempts.

Quarter-Inch Impact Driver

  • Designed to deliver 3,400 impacts each minute and as much as 79 food-pounds of maximum torque, a performance that cannot be easily matched.
  • The impact driver is capable of delivering 0 2450 revolutions per minute (RPM) for fast application.
  • It is only ¼ inch making it even more compact than the 12 volt Max driver/drill but still delivers comparable amount of power.

Other Features and Specifications

  • The kit comes with two (2) 12-Volts MAX lithium(ion) battery packs for the main components. The batteries have longer running time compared to regular batteries.
  • It also comes with fast charger and takes as little as just 30 minutes to charge from empty to full thereby reducing down time.
  • The kit has belt hooks for easy carrying and includes a contractor carrying case. All these features make it convenient to use and transport the kit.

Pros and cons of DEWALT DCK211S2

I bet you can already appreciate the quality and performance of this combo kit just from the discussion on the features and specifications above. From my analysis, those feature result in the following advantages:


  • The tools are compact and powerful capable of handling a variety of DIY projects with ease, accuracy and convenience.
  • The kit is capable of delivering high quality work because of the ingenious, lightweight and compact design.
  • The two 12-Volt MAX lithium(ion) battery packs provide continuous power for longer running time allowing you complete most jobs without having to stop and recharge the batteries.
  • The kit comes with a charger with fast recharging time of just 30 minutes. This reduces down time resulting in faster job completion.
  • For easy carrying and organization, the kit comes with belt hooks as well as contractor carrying case respectively.
  • This Dewalt combo kit is compatible with DCB120 batteries as well as DCB100, DCB101 and DCB119 chargers (these are sold separately).
  • The kit is backed by DEWALT’s 90-day money-back guarantee, 3-year limited warranty as well as full 1-year service contract.


  • Many people have had a chance to purchase and use this kit and most only have positive reviews of it. The major problem expressed by some users (but which I have not experienced) is the fact that the chuck on the drill tends to loosen as the tool is being used. Nevertheless, there is compelling proof that Dewalt has worked on the problem and corrected it.


If you are a weekend handyman looking for the best combo kit to add to your tool box then I would highly recommend DEWALT DCK211S2. The component tools are compact and lightweight. They carry enough power to enable you carry out your work with high levels of convenience and ease. They are powerful, accurate and professional. There is nothing to lose as the kit comes with a 90-day money back guarantee meaning you can simply return the product for refund in case it does not live up to your expectations.

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