DEWALT D28402K 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder Kit Review

The Dewalt D28402K is a light weight angle grinder that comes in handy with a range of features and enhancements to deliver better performance.

Angle grinders are handheld power tools used for cutting, grinding and polishing. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to provide buyers with an extensive selection. Even though there is a wide array of different brands available, all with different ratings, different power levels and so on, there is just one specific brand that stands out. This is none other than the Dewalt D28402K.

DEWALT D28402K 4-1/2-Inch Small-Angle Grinder Kit

Manufactured by one of the biggest, well-known and most respected companies in the power tool industry, the Dewalt D28402K is a light weight angle grinder that comes in handy with a range of features and enhancements to deliver better performance. Every feature of this amazing machine performs exactly as advertised.

Features and Specifications of Dewalt D28402K

As mentioned before, the Dewalt D28402K angle grinder comes in handy with a lot of different features and enhancements to deliver improved performance. On a certain feedback page, one happy customer wrote, This tool is very handy for the job site or garage. It comes in handy for grinding down humps in a floor thats being prepped for tile. It’s good for sharpening a number of other hand tools and material removal.” Those practical features and specifications are as follows;
  • 1)Dust Ejection System to provide durability by ejecting dust particles that may have entered the angle grinder via the air intake vents.
  • 2) A keyless adjustable guard to provide tool free guard adjustment thereby increasing productivity.
  • 3) A large, protected spindle lock button, which provides easier and instant wheel changes.
  • 4) A powerful motor, which rotates at speeds of up to 11,000 RPM.This motor, is designed for faster material removal and higher overload protection.
  • 5) A paddle switch lock-off designed to provide the user with protection from accidental start up.
  • 6) A vibration reducing detachable side handle developed to reduce user-felt vibration and to provide user comfort.
  • 7) A one-piece brush arm designed to prevent brush hang-up that might be caused by dust ingress.
  • 8) A quick-change wheel release intended to provide easier and faster wheel removal without the need for a wrench.
  • 9) Matching wheel flanges, which allow the use of common accessories.
  • 10) A low profile gear case developed to provide precise gear alignment for smoother, silent transmission while enabling access to tight spaces.
  • 11) Maximum watts out; 1200 W.
  • 12) Tool length; 11-1/4 inches.
  • 13) The tool uses wheels with the capability of above 12000 revolutions per minute.
  • 14)It has an overall weight of 4.6 pounds.

Pros and Cons of Dewalt D28402K


  • 1) This amazing angle grinder comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, a three year limited warranty coupled with a one-year free service agreement. All these favours and assurances are adequate proof that you would get a quality product that would last for years to come if you were to choose the grinder.
  • 2) Taking into account all the benefits that it offers, this tool is very much affordable compared to its counterparts that are almost within its league. Due to this, not only do you get something in return for your money but also an opportunity to save on your grinder needs.
  • 3) It delivers high performance. The powerful motor together with the wheels it has capable to do over 12000 revolutions per minute all provide the power needed to perform every grinding task. It chews through anything without a problem.
  • 4) This powerful tool is quite durable, once you acquire it, it will take long before the need for replacement arises. The dust ejection feature is intended to keep it in pretty shape for years to come.
  • 5) Unlike other grinders, this powerful machine is almost noiseless due to the low profile gear case developed to deliver precise gear alignment for smoother, silent transmission.


  • 1) The blade guard seems not to be able to lock in all positions. However, this is just a minor inconvenience and it wont be fair focusing on it while overlooking all the advantages of this fantastic grinder. You realize that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The Dewalt D28402K is a small tool that really packs a lot. It is the best angle grinder that retails cheaply. This super powerful machine really performs exceedingly without overheating or breaking down. One of the most interesting things about it is that, the power switch placement is conveniently located hence you do not have to awkwardly place your trigger finger when gripping the grinder.


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