DEWALT D26451 3-Amp 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander Review

DEWALT D26451 is a high performance Orbit sander characterized by its ultimate performance and smooth finish given to wooden surfaces.

DEWALT D26451 is a high performance Orbit sander characterized by its ultimate performance and smooth finish given to wooden surfaces. It is a good product to manufacture flawlessly smooth, wooden products for large furniture and crafts shops as well as for individual users who want to develop their craftsmanship in age old art of carpentry.

DEWALT D26451 3-Amp 5-Inch Random-Orbit Sander


The is an outstanding sander model and it carries best technical and practical features as it is manufactured by Dewalt, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories. It is a very competent product for woodcraft, to create smoothly finished wooden surfaces and comes along with a cloth dust bag to gather all the wood dust produced while sanding. It is equally efficient for experts and comfortable for amateurs who want to win accolades in woodcraft.

Here is a detailed DEWALT D26451 Random-Orbit Sander review which describes all its features and specifications along with the pros and cons of the product.

Features and Specifications of DEWALT D26451

  • Good control and grip

    DEWALT D26451 comes with a 3-amp motor that gives 12,000 OPM sanding speed. This is a perfect speed to sand any wooden art work or surface to get a marvelous smooth finish. Its Controlled Finishing System (CFS) controls pad speed and reduces scraping at the time of power-up. The smooth control over pad results in clean and smoothly finished surfaces. It comes with a textured anti-slip top and body grip to give a user full command over the tool to maneuver it along the desired angle.

  • Light-weight and handy

    With a weight of 3.4 pounds it is a handy tool along with a dual-plane counterbalanced fan to improve handling and gives an untiring sanding practice.

  • Dust sealed and lesser service needs

    This orbital sander has a dust-sealed switch and 100 percent sealed ball-bearing construction which inhibits the dust to reach its crucial parts and it remains in a perfect working condition without frequent repairs.

  • Adaptable

    It is quite adaptable as it works well with 5-inch and 8-hole hook and loop abrasive paper. This adjustment allows sanding disks to move to and fro rapidly and effortlessly, giving a faster sanding activity.

  • Integrated Dust Management

    Dust is the unwanted but major side product of a sanding task. If not handled efficiently it may become a nuisance for the user. But this sander is shipped with a high-capacity dust bag. It is just like a vacuum adapter, giving a user, option to utilize it with or without a shop vac or an extractor depending upon what type of work is done by him.

Pros and Cons of DEWALT D26451


  • DEWALT D26451 is a heavy duty tool with a very robust motor that lasts for years. Due to this feature it can run continuously for longer durations and handles lots of work skillfully.
  • The tool does not heat up on the handles and the placement of the handles is such that they provide a very good grip over tool for best outcome.
  • The dust bag attachment is perfect to make sanding a clean task, which otherwise, is impossible.
  • The Textured anti-slip top makes it a perfect fit in the hand and operates it, as desired. The body grip allows a directed steering of the tool.
  • It can be easily attached to any vacuum cleaner and it will suck up the huge amounts of sand produced while using it on surfaces like floor.
  • It does not leave any vicious marks or scratches in the work and no hand sanding is required afterwards.


  • Sometimes the deposit from the sanding sticks to the slip disc making it a bit sticky. If this happens, it is best to switch off the Sander, clean the disk and switch on after putting at a desired location.
  • Switch for power On/Off on the tool is very small and a bit sensitive. Sometimes it may switch off even when no big pressure is applied.


DEWALT D26451 is nicely manufactured to give a quality finish to a sanding job. It can be used on any type of wooden surface whether polished or unpolished. The light weight makes it comfortable to hold for long durations without giving a pain in the neck. It is adapted to use two variety of hook and loop abrasive paper which makes it faster than its counterparts. Smooth surface and flawless work are the keywords that describe its functionality. Except a bit of issues with on and off switch and the Velcro pad , otherwise a remarkable tool for experienced as well as a newbie craftsmen. The job of renewing your wooden floors and giving a smooth polishing surface is done in minimum time. People will appreciate the carpentry work undertaken by you.
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