Bosch JS572EL 120-Volt Top-Handle Jig Saw Review

Bosch JS572EL is an excellent product with quality cutting blade system allows users to get the most use of the product. and Help your job done easily.

Bosch JS572EL 120-Volt Top- Handle Jigsaw with a quality cutting blade system enables the users to get the most use of the product with better and suitable conditions of safe and secure protection as ever.
Bosch JS572EL 120 is an ultimate jigsaw machine with a crafted and well maintained quality system that suits every task of cutting thickest of metallic sheets with power control and diverse blade system. It is corded with working electricity apparatus for more power display and takes an ample amount of voltage of about 120 Volts.

Bosch JS572EK 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit

The product has a great motor system that enables the users to get their own dime and dozens of work in time without any unpredictable cuts and off work systems.
The product is so simple to operate and that is why a user can master its own tool box.
The model is in itself a brand name of Bosch which is a name to be remembered in great technological sides and moreover the product has a wide range of additional attachments just to fit the bill completely.

Product Description

Bosch JS572EL Jig Saw delivers and excellent amount of power control and high amount of accuracy as well as sufficient strength just to make sure the overall performance of the product.
The saw has excellent support system that is most essential element in giving balanced cuts which are clean enough to be recognized. The product also comes with its two slotted roller guides, one above the other giving a complete stabilized system for the blade.

Main Features of Bosch JS572EL

Bosch JS572EL comes with an ample amount of features that makes it just awesome over other jigsaws.

  • High Precision cutting

    The jigsaw comes up with an accurate cutting system that gives the benefit to the users to cut the sheets of ply or hardwood and metal at minimal supervision because rest is taken care by the Jigsaw by itself.

  • Sharp Blades

    The blades used in the Saw are kept in accordance with the work amount and can be easily adjusted and replaced through time. It penetrates the strongest of the objects within no time and gives a flawless work done.

  • Dust Blower system

    The dust blower system in the keeps the dust away from the cutting area and hence keeps the ridges clean and dry.

  • Flexible Chord

    The product has an excellent chord system that keeps it par with the position and axis wherever the work is set to be executed.

Specifications of the Product

Bosch JS572EL is an extraordinary product with so many specifications that makes it complete in its own way.

  • Stable Clamp Setup

    It has good stable clamp setup that makes it at the right balance and for cutting metals and other things in the clear fashion.

  • Two finger trigger switch

    With a two finger triggle switch, it enables the users to make a good and easy start and exit at the difficult of times.

  • Switchable LED lighting

    A good and switchable LED lighting helps in various tough work and dim light conditions and gives an overall precision cutting.

  • L- BOXX case

    An L-BOXX case helps in the easy transport of the jigsaw machine wherever it is needed and it helps the keeping and stacking of the accessories in line with the main machine.

Pros and Cons of Bosch JS572EL


Bosch JS572EL 120 has the following pros:

  • The durable and diverse blades makes its worth use and it helps in the overall cutting of metals, hard wood and other stuff accordingly.
  • It delivers an excellent cutting in all shapes and sizes.
  • It has a beautiful easy line clearing mechanism clubbed with lights just to make the precision cutting
  • It can be used in thick surfaces and be easily run over various hard wood systems with a maximum strength.
  • The blades are designed in such a way that they complete the system and are perfectly balanced to keep the user safe from its temperature.
  • It has three stabilized points for overall balancing of the machine which enables the user to get zero blade deflection.
  • It has a pop up blade system that can be easily controlled by simply moving the lever system forward.
  • The product also comes with smooth plastic base and with metal shoe to protect it when working on ruff surfaces.


  • The product needs anallen wrench to tighten the table if it gets loose while the earlier model had no such problems.
  • It hasn’t any powerful clamp setup for cutting steel; and often ends up cutting it into bits.
  • The product is not a routine based and it can’t be used regularly.


Bosch JS572EL 120 is an excellent product for cutting steel and other hard end surfaces but it is an expensive set to buy and thus to make it better usage and long term involvement, the product can be brought once for all. Being only 13.4 pounds, it is light weight and can be easily carried as compared to other jigsaws which are enormous and heavy weighted. The jigsaw also meets the requirements of modern time jigsaws with its powerful speed and high precision to cut thicker materials. The product also features a beautiful set of blades that cuts and penetrates surfaces very easily and makes its use worthwhile.
It is very safe to use despite being powerful and can be easily controlled by the user. The long power cord helps the user to move the product anywhere he likes without any electric shocks etc. The product satisfies all the requirements of a modern jigsaw and its usage is simple and according to convenience.


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