Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Review

You’re looking for a good circular saw that is going to allow you to accomplish what you want to do, The Bosch cs5 is the best choice for you.
The Bosch CS5 power circular saw is now available for all your needs! This powerful corded circular saw is great, whether you’re choosing to use it to accomplish personal tasks or using it on a purely professional level. This saw is convenient for individuals at all skill levels and boasts a strong motor that is similar to the ones contained in other models that often go for much more. This is a no frills power tool that doesn’t spend all its time on useless features and upgrades or being flashy but is a down home, just what you need power tool that gets the job done. There’s nothing fancy here, just good old fashioned machinery and a basic design that is simple but elegant. After all, you’re not looking for an accessory. You’re looking for a good circular saw that is going to allow you to accomplish what you want to do. Its as simple as that. This model from Bosch lets you do just that and I’ve been thrilled at the work I’ve been able to get done with it!

Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Features and Specifications of Bosch CS5

  • 15 Amp motor at 120 volts
  • Comes with a cord
  • Left blade design
  • Has an enhanced line of power, sight, durability
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • 7-1/4-inch blade, industry standard
  • Lower guard with anti-snag to prevent accidents
  • Bevel cuts up to 56 degrees
  • Weighs ten pounds
  • Blade included
  • Comes with soft grip handle
  • Easy and serviceable brushes
  • On-Tool wrench storage
  • Comes with Aluminum upper and lower guard
  • Includes an improved spindle lock

Pros and Cons of Bosch CS5


  • Soft grip handle lets you maintain a strong and solid grip while sawing
  • Brushes are easy to service
  • Clutch prevents plate binding
  • Spindle lock lets you change blades quickly and simply
  • Comes with on-tool wrench storage for convenience
  • Great for building cabinets
  • Is able to work with reversed blades from right handed saws
  • The fifteen amp motor will cut through materials quickly and smoothly
  • Left blade design great for creating a clear line of sight while you are cutting
  • Lower guard with anti-snag looks out for you by preventing accidents for the ultimate in safety
  • Anti-snag also lets you make cuts without having to advance guard, even when you are making bevel cuts
  • Great power helps you get the job done without any problems at all
  • Durability for a product that is built to last, not requiring you to replace it
  • Weighs ten pounds so not too heavy, not too light
  • Comes with blade included for the ultimate in convenience
  • Great for professional users who want a heavy duty circular saw for high quality work on the job
  • Good cut line visibility for right handed users
  • Follows clamp and guide straight edge well
  • Good finish
  • Great features included like tool free spindle lock and on board blade wrench
  • Works well and cuts through a variety of woods, even thick or difficult ones
  • Bevel adjustment is very easy to achieve by loosening bevel adjustment lever to a certain angle and then tightening


  • Plate bevel might be difficult to square up
  • Blade is carbide for framing
  • Saw is heavier than a six and a half inch but has more power
  • No safety switch on this product, users may want a safety switch
  • Dust may go onto your nail bags when cutting right handed and has no dust chute accessory
  • Cord means you need to be somewhat close to a power source


The Bosch CS5 power circular saw is a great all around tool that is capable and delivers on quality. I used this power saw to help construct a gazebo in the back yard and have brought it on multiple job and its been great, particularly as someone who is right handed and has used other inferior circular saws. The seven and a half inch blade is what I wanted, and the power that this circular saw packs is more than enough to saw through every possible type of wood you could select or encounter. In addition, Bosch has made a circular saw that gives you a great line of sight and is built to last! This is my second circular power saw and I’m counting on it being my last. This is a great saw that has exceeded my expectations. Its a solid power saw that can handle whatever you throw at it.


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