Best Router Table Reviews 2022

Whether you are a professional or home woodworker, you will definitely need to use a router table at one point in your projects. Router tables are very versatile and they help simplify some jobs significantly. Even if you have a handheld router, you might find it extremely hard to get a perfect and even cut when routing a long molding or trim. The task might also be cumbersome and time consuming and this is where the need to purchase the best router table comes in.

We are going to do the top 7 best router table reviews and hope that you will find the reviews helpful when hunting for one. Also, check below for a short comparison table and a buying guide containing the factors that you should consider before buying one.

best router table

Top 7 Best Router Table comparison chart on the market 2022

Model Weight (Lbs.)Work Surface
Dust collection port (s)Price
Bosch RA1181Bosch RA118133.518” x 27”1 Check Price
Bosch RA 1171Bosch RA 117145.118” x 27”2 Check Price
Craftsman Router and Router Table ComboCraftsman Router and Router Table Combo25.415.5” x 25.5”1 Check Price
Skil RAS900Skil RAS9003215” x 26”1 Check Price
Kreg PRS 1045 Precision Router TableKreg PRS 1045 Precision Router Table4015” x 25”1 Check Price
Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop ContractorBench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor4324” x 32”1 Check Price
Kreg PR2100Kreg PR210028.416” x 24”1 Check Price

7 Best Router Table reviews 2022

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table
If you are looking for a large benchtop router table then Bosch RA1181 might be a great choice to go with. It has a large work surface, thus wider application. It also weighs just 30 pounds so it’s quite portable hence making it even more convenient to use.

The router table also features a pre-drilled, a rigid mounting plate that offers accurate cuts so you won’t be wasting your expensive wood. And, being pre-drilled doesn’t restrict you on what routers to use because it’s designed to be compatible with a variety thus very versatile. This is important for most woodworkers because you might have several routers or planning to upgrade or replace what you have now and buying a new router table each time can be costly.

The router table also has a tall, well-made aluminum fence. You can tell it’s a durable construction even by just looking at it. Being tall means that working on tall stock will not only be easy but quick. There is nothing as tiring as using a short fence to rout tall stock. Again, enables a smooth operation while also providing better support, thanks to the adjustable MDF face plates. You can easily slide your stock over the surface and have precise cuts.

Feeding stock across your routing table will now be easy thanks to the two adjustable featherboards that attach to the table and the fence. They are not only easy to use, but also adjustable to fit various work pieces. With them, you get a better support and more control when feeding your stock across the table for routing.

And, this model too has a vacuum system in the fence so dust collection is easy for easy after work cleaning. The package also includes a heavy-duty dual outlet, switch, 15 amp, a 6” cord, lockout key, and overload protection. With the lockout key, you can prevent any unauthorized use. This helps you worry less even when you leave it unattended for some time. Other essentials include a starter pin and guard to provide the needed support when routing various curved work pieces.


  • Lightweight for portability
  • It’s compatible with many routers without modifications
  • Has a laminated MDF table top to cut down the noise and vibrations as well as allow easy sliding of stock when routing
  • The plate is made of metal, thus the whole unit is very durable given that the hardest work goes there
  • Has a dust port, thus helping you keep the dust down


  • Doesn’t come with a miter gauge

Bosch RA 1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

If you need a router table with a cabinet where you can store some of the small items you need to complete your projects then get Bosch RA 1171. It is as similar as it is different from the other Bosch’s model, RA 1181. First off, the RA 1181 model does not have a cabinet, but as a result, it is smaller and lighter than this one. As such, the 1181 option is the best for people who don’t have a large workshop or those with a limited storage space. The cabinet also plays a huge role in cutting the dust down. And, this model has two dust ports so in terms of dust collection, this model wins.

The other difference is on the table top. The 1171 model’s table top is slightly smaller than the 1181. However, this is not to say that it is less capable of tackling any routing applications. In fact, it is very reliable as it features a versatile design.

Apart from the size, the two router table tops differs in the sense that the 1181 model’s is metallic while the 1171 model is laminated MDF thus the former is more durable. But, don’t be too quick to dismiss it in terms of durability because its cabinet style will probably last longer than the plastic legs on the 1181 model. And, as much as the top is made of a laminated MDF, its router plate is durable as it is made of metal and given that much action takes place here, we can expect the unit to last long.

The work surface is very smooth thus enabling precise woodworking. Compared to various models and brands, this router table is affordable and durable. You can use it for many years without replacing any part of it. The aluminum fence is tall enough to perfectly handle tall stock. Again, the MDF plates are adjustable, just as it is the case with the RA 1181 model, and this means better support plus a smoother operation. It also has two adjustable feather boards that are not only compatible with various work pieces but also enables a better control while offering additional support.


  • Features a cabinet style
  • Has 2 dust collection ports
  • It’s sturdy with plates made of metal for durability
  • Large table top
  • Designed for woodworking precision and versatility


  • Doesn’t come with a miter gauge
  • Not as a high-quality as the RA 1181, but for the price it’s worth buying

Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo
If you are a home woodworker and are worried about getting a compatible router and router table, getting a combo is the best option. The Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo is a good choice, especially for first time buyers who don’t know much about what it takes for a router to be compatible with a router table. It literally saves you the headache!

When it comes to assembly, just take your time. Go through the instructions and ensure that each part goes where it’s supposed to go. This will save you future disappointments. For example, if you don’t bolt the router to the table as recommended, you will find it hard to adjust the bit height above the table.  You should also remember to relax the base tightening clamp before trying to adjust. And, you don’t need to grope around under the table thanks to the design that allows adjustment with a hex wrench. The table has a power switch which is a huge plus for safety and convenience.

The fence and the feather boards are made of plastic and this might be limiting for people who would like to work on tougher projects. Thus, only get this combo if you are not into light duty works. The table itself is heavy and stable. It is also a very powerful tool and you ought to be careful when feeding it to avoid accidents. And, it includes a miter gauge so you won’t be buying one separately.


  • Features a powerful motor
  • It’s a router and router table combo
  • Very affordable
  • Performs great for the price
  • Has a dust extraction port
  • The power outlet on the table has a safety lock


  • Doesn’t have a “soft start” feature
  • Has no variable speed control
  • The dust collection attachments might get in your way when you use the router with the table

Skil RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table
The Skil RAS900 Router Table is the perfect router table for woodwork hobbyist. It is built to handle minor cutting jobs so if you need one for occasional use this will do. Again, it is easy to store so if storage is a major concern for you, look no further. It is lightweight and the major plus is the folding legs because you can easily move and store it. It also comes pre-assembled thus saving you time and the struggle of trying to put everything together correctly. Well, not unless you enjoy the process. It also has a strong and sturdy fence guard.

It is also one of the few router tables that comes loaded with a variety of accessories so you won’t go back to the stores to get this or that. And, the mounting plate is compatible with many models of routers as you will see in the manual. However, if your preferred router model is not listed, you can still get the router table then drill your own hole pattern. It is a simple task to do, but you must be careful not to interfere with the router handles or the cord to the power connection box.

The table also features an attractive design and it doesn’t look or feel cheap. It is compact and works well. It has a built-in height gauge and it helps one adjust the bit to the needed depth before cutting. This promotes precision, especially when on some professional works. It also has two built-in storage containers where you can store small tools or accessories. This comes in handy as you won’t worry about misplacing any of the small tools and you can have them together with the table all the time.


  • Comes with accessory storage containers
  • Includes the quick clamp system
  • Features bit height gauge that simplifies the set-up while improving cutting accuracy
  • Includes a guard and starter pin to support curved edged workpieces when routing
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has folding legs for easy storage
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Features a very sturdy fence guard


  • It only accommodates some routers, not all. It comes with a list of the routers that it accommodates.
  • Also, because it features plastic side supports, it’s obviously less durable than most other models. But, for hobbyist, this is a great deal.

Kreg PRS 1045 Precision Router Table

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table
This router table by Kreg is designed to handle heavy-duty cutting jobs and it’s very good at it. It is a solid table and the craftsmanship is top notch. With steel construction, there is no doubt that this is a durable tool that’s going to serve you for many years. It is the best professional router table for the price.

It is very versatile with T-squire fence and more than enough workspace. Thus, if you love a lot of space this precision router table will be ideal. Most professional woodworkers go for T-square fences because they are always parallel to the T-slot and the miter thus automatically squaring your fence while allowing one to make any needed adjustments.  As such, this router table might be very helpful for beginners because squaring can be challenging at first.

It features a sturdy aluminum made fence, thus supporting big stock is not a problem and it also locks firmly in place. When it comes to the safety features, this router table has two feather boards that keep your fingers from slipping to the tool. They also play a huge role in keeping the work pieces straight and well supported. It is also a versatile tool, thanks to the T-track and miter. And, the adjustable legs greatly add to its versatility and convenience.

Most importantly, this comes as a full kit including the router table, setup bars, stop, castors, switch, and two feather boards. It also features a full-length dust collection port so clean up after the work is easy and quick.


  • A great professional router table
  • Designed for heavy duty work
  • It’s a full kit
  • Features a T-square fence plus combination miter/T-slot
  • Large working space
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Full-length dust collection port


  • It’s pricy, but worth the extra bucks considering its features and performance

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

Bench Dog 40-001 Benchtop Router Table
This is another great benchtop router table for woodwork hobbyists and professionals alike. It has a large work surface and it closely competes with the Kreg and Bosch router tables reviewed above in terms of features and performance. It features a cabinet style table so it performs very well on dust control. For the money, this is a great choice to go with. It features a great craftsmanship and none of the parts look cheap of feel flimsy.

It also has a solid fence system that has a dust collection port to help keep the dust down. The only odd thing is that there is no dust collection port for the cabinet as it is the case with any other cabinet style router table. Thus, you have to vacuum it regularly to prevent saw dust build up.

The other good side about it is its compactness and portability. Thus, taking it outside is not such a hassle. It also accommodates most routers and the assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. It is a dependable tool for tough jobs and very durable.

The features that stood out for this router table include solid construction, adjustability of face boards and the fence, the miter gauge track, and dust collection.


  • Has full-size features, thus great for job site use
  • Compact and portable
  • Because of the cabinet design, this router table can accommodate virtually any router
  • Features a versatile design
  • Features a top-quality fence
  • Has a heavy-duty aluminum frame, one-piece, thus very durable


  • It has no dust collection port for the cabinet so there is a possibility for saw dust build up, but you can prevent this by vacuuming it regularly.

Kreg PR2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table
With a heavy-duty steel stand and an MDF top, the Kreg PR2100 Bench Top Router Table tops our list of the best router tables. It fits the perfect definition of a router table. The extra-large table top makes your woodworking projects easy to handle and the easy-slide surface is a huge plus for both home and professional users as they can easily slide their workpieces.

The design combines an industrial-quality fence with adjustable faces to make it comfortable for various users. It also has a dust collection feature so clean up after the work will be fast and easy and the steel stand is wider for added convenience when using it.

This router table has all the features that you would expect from a full-size option, but it comes with the advantage of portability. It is lightweight and its compact design makes it easy to carry around. Again, its top is designed to reduce vibrations and noise through the noise resistant MDF so you won’t dread each time that you have to use it.

It also features, larger precise insert plate that’s designed to support both small and the biggest routers. As such, you will not be restricted to use just certain sizes. The package also includes 3 levels-loc rings that twist and lock with the plate surface in flush every time.

Again, fence adjustment is easy and quick. All you do is turn the locking levers that are perfectly sized to stay out of your way as you use the table top. Another thing to like about this adjustable fence is its independent sliding faces as they offer a great workpiece support. There are also some included jointing rods that allow one to use their table as a vertical jointer. This adds more convenience that most users would enjoy.


  • Nice looking and sturdy bench top table
  • Heavy-duty aluminum fence
  • Wide, easy-slide router table surface
  • Adjustable fence with independent sliding faces
  • Very portable
  • Has a large insert plate that supports even the biggest routers
  • Designed for quiet routing
  • Has a vacuum system for easy after work cleaning


  • It’s quite expensive than most options, but it’s definitely worth the extra dollars as it has better features for better performance. It also comes with various necessary accessories so it’s definitely worth the money.

Factors to consider before buying a router table

best router table
There are so many router tables on the market and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t know the features that you should be looking for. Let’s look at the major aspects that you should consider before purchasing one.

  • The work surface

If a router table has every feature that you want except the surface, it’s not worth buying because it won’t get the job done. The work surface is one factor that you should not compromise on. It should be flat, rigid and powerful. Nothing less. The nature of the work surface will determine how precise the cutting will be.

  • The fence

This is the other major factor to consider. The main point is its adjustability. The best fence should be easily adjustable and strong. This helps you save time, especially on larger projects. Again, choose between a one-piece and two-piece fences based on the level of control you want to handle the boards.

  • Dust collector system

You cannot avoid saw dust when woodworking. To make the cleanup easier, ensure that your router table has a decent dust collection system. Some have one while others have two. The second option does a great job with keeping the dust down so if you are working on larger projects you can consider it.

  • The base

Router table bases come in all forms. The most important part is their ability to handle the amount of pressure that you will be applying on the table.

  • Ease of storing

Given that router tables come in all sizes, you should buy one based on the available storage in your workshop. Some have foldable legs so they might make a good choice for people with limited space.


You can’t compare the convenience of using a router table to routing with a handheld router. Router tables provide more stability, better control and perfect cutting precision. You also get to use both hands where need be and they are also safer. This is why we have come up with the best router table reviews to help you get the right product for your projects. We have covered the best options for professionals, hobbyist, those on a budget and even those who are after a large work surface. Good luck!

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