Best Cordless Ratchet With Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

What is the best cordless ratchet to own today? This a common question among mechanics, repair, and maintenance professionals in their quest to ease their tasks and complete various workloads in time. A cordless ratchet comes to boost your productivity and performance within a short while. In this article, bring you everything you need, to get the best cordless ratchet that suits your work. Read on to find the top 5 best cordless ratchet reviews as well as a comprehensive buyer’s guide to lead your way to the best product.

best cordless ratchet

Factors to consider when buying a cordless ratchet

  • Torque power and speed:

The higher the torque power and speed of a given ratchet, the faster it delivers excellent services. Go for a product with the highest torque and speed.

  • Safety and Ease Of Use:

A cordless ratchet that’s easy to handle and utilize should be your best option. Always go for a cordless ratchet that’s safe to the user. The ideal ratchet should be well-insulated to prevent incidents of shock which could be fatal. Again, it should come with a big trigger and ample grip for easy and comfortable handling.

  • Flexibility:

The ideal cordless ratchet should not be limited to performing in a particular area. It should be flexible enough to function appropriately in both narrow and wide-spaced sections. It should also unlock both slightly and tightly fitted nuts effortlessly.

  • Warranty provision:

Genuine manufacturers back their cordless ratchets with warranties. It acts as a sign of confidence in the quality and performance of their product. With the guarantee, any natural defects occurring within the stipulated time should not worry you. The manufacturer should be accountable to them. The warranty acts as a security for the product.

  • Price:

When it comes to purchasing any cordless ratchet, the price must always be considered. You must ensure that the price of a given product goes with your budget. This helps prevent eating into money secured for other activities. Air ratchets are known to be a little more expensive than the electric. Always go for the product that brings you high-performance at an affordable price. Don’t be dismayed by the low price of inferior quality cordless ratchets. Avoid neglecting quality in your quest to get cheap products.

Top 5 Best Cordless Ratchet Comparison Chart on the market 2018

(ft lbs)
Milwaukee 2457-21 3/8" Cordless Ratchet
35Electric4.68.1 x 12.3 x 3 Check Price
ACDelco ARW1201 3/8"
Wireless Ratchet

44Electric2.62.5 x 2.5 x 13 Check Price
Milwaukee 2456-20 1/4" Cordless Ratchet
30Electric1.69.5 x 2.9 x 1.8 Check Price
Ingersoll Rand 2317G Ratchet Kit Impact tool
55Air3.1513 x 13.2 x 4.25 Check Price
Aircat ACR802R 3/8" Ratchet
90Air32.1 x 10.9 x 1.7 Check Price

Best Cordless Ratchet Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of Best Cordless Ratchet 2018

#1 Milwaukee 2457-21 M12 3/8-Inch Cordless Lithium-ion Ratchet

Milwaukee 2457-21 3/8-in Cordless M12 Lithium-Ion Ratchet Kit

The simple but compact and unique construction design utilized in the Milwaukee 2457-21 cordless ratchet facilitates its delivery of up to 35 feet- lbs of excellent torque at about 250 RPM. The easy maneuverability of this cordless ratchet can only be attributed to its lightweight nature. Again, low profile and narrow head facilitate its incredible performance in tight spaces and other hard-to-reach places. Its housing is well-reinforced to promote its heavy duty performance and durability. The variable speed metal switch featured in this cordless ratchet allows you to select your preferred speed with ease.

Its high-performance, excellent torque, as well as its lightweight nature collaborate to allow you complete even the heavy duty tasks within a short while. Again, its excellent overall construction makes it durable to serve any professional in the best way.

This ratchet will deliver its core purpose regardless of the working conditions or your level of expertise in a given field.

Milwaukee 2457-21 Cordless Lithium-ion Ratchet Kit is one of the simplest but compact and unique designed cordless ratchets, on the market today. It is an ideal product for automobile professionals and mechanics. The ratchet has excellent features from durability to low profile. The features can give you a great experience in your garage or workshop.

Excellent feature of Milwaukee 2457-21 3/8 Cordless Lithium-ion Ratchet Kit

  • Powerful 12-volt motor and speed

This ratchet has a powerful 12-volt motor which delivers up to 35 ft-lbs of torque. The best thing about this ratchet is that it has a superior fastening speed. It produces a 250 RPM for the power and speed of a pneumatic ratchet without the air hose. This enables the ratchet to offer you enhanced performance.

  • Low profile

This is one of the best features of this ratchet. The low profile and narrow head enable it to enhance its incredible performance. This is regardless of the spaces. Whether the spaces are tight or hard to reach, the ratchet can provide great performance.

  • Variable speed metal switch

The ratchet has this feature to allow you to select the speed of your choice. Thus the use of the tool is easy as you can work at your pace.

  • Lightweight

The tool weighs only 4.6 pounds making it easy to move from one place to another. You can carry the ratchet for a long distance, without much struggle. It makes it convenient to use the tool anywhere.

  • Durability and design

When comparing the Milwaukee 2457-21 Cordless Lithium-in Ratchet Kit with others, it emerges one of the best. It is because it has unique but compact construction design used in making it. The material that covers its outer part it is durable, and so it minimizes costs.


  • Long lasting battery

The battery for this ratchet seems to last forever was you charge it. It means if the electricity went off even for a week, it would still have some battery power. It will not inconvenience you.

  • Easy to use

This ratchet is easy to use, and there is no need to have someone to teach you. It does not need you to be a professional to operate to. You can use without the help of another person. You can use the speed triggers to control the speed and work at your pace. You can as well use it to break a loose bolt.

  • Promotes heavy duty performance

A well-reinforced housing helps in improving the durability of the tool and heavy-duty performance. A device with non-durable materials cannot last longer. It is likewise when a device as a poorly reinforced housing, the performance tends to be poor.

  • Great light

This tool provides excellent light with the help of the LED. You can use it on a dark surface. Other tools are not suitable to use in tight spaces.


  • Even though the ratchet can usually work like others, it is not as powerful as air tool. It has a lower power output as compared to other ratchets. The body of the ratchet is also a little bulky.

#2 ACDelco ARW1201 12-Volt Li-ion 3/8-inch Wireless Ratchet

ACDelco ARW1201 Li-ion 12V 3/8

The ACDelco ARW1201 Wireless Ratchet is an exclusive product. It ranks among the few ratchet wrenches with reverse and forward lever. It comes with a sturdy aluminum gearbox covering. You will love its variable speed, reversible control and most importantly, its electric brake button. This product also features an anti-slip soft hand grip to enhance the user comfort. In the package are two Li-ion battery packs (12v), and a reliable charger. The provided carrying nest facilitates easy portability of this ratchet wrench. As compared to an air ratchet, this product works better with the elimination of the inconvenience caused by the air hose.

It comes with a sturdy aluminum gearbox covering which protects its inner constituents from harm or extreme weather. Its casing is among the factors that make this electric wireless ratchet durable.

The provided carrying nest facilitates easy portability of this ratchet wrench. Again, its small size and lightweight nature are a plus to its portability and storage. You can carry it in your pocket over long distances without feeling uncomfortable. It also requires little space for storage.

Despite its high-performance and durability, this ratchet comes at an affordable price.

ACDelco ARW1201 12-Volt Li-ion 3/8-inch Wireless Ratchet is one of the best ratchets on the market. It ranks among the top ratchets in its category. If you want an aluminum-made product, this is the best.

Excellent feature of ACDelco ARW1201 12-Volt Li-ion 3/8-inch Wireless Ratchet

  • Forward/reverse lever

This ratchet has a forward and a reverse feature, which adds to its usefulness and performance. The feature helps you to go back or forward thus controlling how you do your work. It ensures you produce a quality product at the end.

  • Variable speed with reversible control and electric brake switch

You can check the speed of your work. If the speed is more than you can handle, the electric switch brake button is the solution. You can as well go back using the reverse lever. The variable speed allows you to control it and set it at your preferred rate. This way, you are able to choose the specific speed you want, which depends on where you are using it and your expertise.

  • Anti-slip soft grip

The product features an anti-slip soft handgrip, which helps in enhancing user comfort. The grip is not only comfortable to hold, but also enhances your safety as it can slip out of your hands. It makes use of the ratchet easy and efficient.

  • Durable aluminum gearbox housing

We all love products made of aluminum. These kinds of products prove to be durable. The product has a durable gearbox housing that assures you a long service These alone makes it stand out amongst other products in this class. Buying these products is assurance that you are not going to buy a similar product any soon.

  • Reliable battery

Packed with the products are a reliable charger, battery, and a carrying case. It gives you the convenience of not going to look for the battery elsewhere. The battery makes it stand out, as it will serve you well after being recharged. Everybody believes original product batteries are the best. Well, this ratchet comes along with its battery. Additionally, the carrying case makes it travel-friendly.


  • Portability

Since it comes with carrying case, you will find thus ratchet portable and travel-friendly. Meaning you can move it from one place to another, whether you need it or not. This way, the ratchet makes it efficient for you to use it anywhere you want to handle your work. The product weighs 8.3 pounds, so it won’t add a lot of excessive weight.

  • Good performance

One thing that makes, this ratchet is the superior performance. You can attribute the performance to its great features such as a variable speed. Good performance also means the tool produces quality work.

  • Comfort

Comparing the ratchet with others, it is one of the most comfortable ratchets on the market. Comfort is highly attributed to the Anti-slip soft grip. Only a few tools you can use and feel comfortable like this one.


  • Low power
The wrench does not have enough power sustain it. If the wrench is torque, the ratchet can lack the power to use. The ratchet is a bit heavy strenuous while using it. It also has a big handle, which to others it is too bulky. But, it is one of the best products on the market today.

#3 Milwaukee 2456-20 M12 Cordless 1/4-Inch Ratchet tool Only

Milwaukee 2456-20 M12 1/4 Ratchet tool Only

This ratchet could be the best choice for those looking forward to improving their proficiency in a given field regarding turn-around time and excellent services. It’s ideal for repair and maintenance professionals, as well as mechanics. It comes with unbeatable in-class speed and power that you won’t find in any other model. It sources its power from a 12-volt heavy duty motor that produces 250 RPM and 30-feet Lbs of constant torque. The engine comes in to eliminate the limitation found in the use of an air hose. Its engine’s power originates from the M12 REDLITHIUM™ batteries sold separately. The batteries are rechargeable and work for a longer time on a single recharge as compared to other competitive brands.

It’s belt portable thanks to its convenient length of about 11 inches and lightweight nature as it weighs only 1.6 lbs. It will serve you in the best way while you work on tight areas and hard-to-reach engine bays, all gratitude to its ¾-inch profile head style. Its reinforced steel outer body facilitates its durability as it shields all the internal components from impact and occurring shock. Also, its adjustable-speed metal trigger comes in to allow optimal control over the performance of this product.

This cordless ratchet is an excellent choice if you who want to improve your skill in a particular area. If you work in a high production shop, then you need this tool because it will save you time.

Why is M12™ Cordless ¼-Inch Cordless Ratchet Tool-Only one of the best?

  • 12-volt motor

Everyone wants to have a tool which cannot disappoint him. The cordless ratchet comes with a 12-volt heavy duty motor. It produces 250RPM and delivers up to 30 ft-lbs of torque. Its voltage makes it offer superior performance.

  • Built-in LED light

This cordless ratchet is made in China; its engine comes with a built-in LED light. It Illuminates work surfaces in dark locations. Thus, it makes working around even at the time to be comfortable. You can use the light to see things around you. This makes it appropriate to use in dark and in tight areas.

  • Long lasting battery

The power engine of this particular cordless ratchet originates from the M12 REDLITHIUM™ batteries. The separate sold batteries are chargeable and can work a long time. You can recharge the batteries once and use them for a long time. As compared to those from other competitive brands, they are one of the best.

  • Weight

The cordless ratchet weighs just 1.6 lbs. This feature alone makes it one of the best. You can carry it and move to any place you want without much struggle. No matter where your place of work is, it is the best tool you can carry along.

  • Manufacturing materials

The outer body of the ratchet has a reinforced steel housing. As we all know, products made from steel are durable. The materials used to make it shield all its components from any external impact or shock. It makes it last no longer.

  • 5-year limited tool warranty

Many similar products usually have a one year warranty. But this cordless ratchet has an exceptional warranty of five years. This means that you are sure of repair with no extra costs. That is, if the device gets any maintenance problems within this period.

  • Variable speed metal trigger

Adding to its great features is the adjustable speed metal trigger. It provides control over the performance of the tool. Thus it gives you good results.


  • Durable

The reinforced steel housing of this tool adds durability and strong cranking force. It means that the tool has protection against shock and any external effects. If the tool does not get contact with any of this, it is likely to last longer.

  • Lightweight and portability

The ratchet tool-only weighs 1.9 lbs. It makes it an excellent fastening answer for automotive mechanics and maintenance. It makes moving it from one place to another easy. Since the tool is light, it is portable. You can move with it to wherever place you want to go and work.

  • Affordable

The tool is not expensive as others. It means that even when you are operating under a restrained budget, you can still afford it.


  • Since you can buy the batteries separate, it is easy to buy the wrong batteries. This can in turn cause the tool not to work well. Someone can exchange the right batteries with the fake ones.

#4 Ingersoll Rand 2317G Ratchet Kit and Impact tool

Ingersoll Rand 2317G Edge Series Air Impactool and Ratchet Kit

This exclusive kit brings you everything you need for success in your profession. Among the features included is a carrying case (blow-molded), 231 G Impact tool, socket set and 170G 3/8 Ratchet. The motor utilized by this impact wrench produces a high weight-to-ratio power while delivering an optimal torque of up to 55-foot pounds at a convenient speed of 170 RPM. All the featured components come with an ergonomic design to enhance the user’s comfort. The storage case provided with this package makes moving with this kit from place to place comfortable.

The featured air impact cordless ratchet wrench is compact, well-rugged and lightweight to offer you the best performance and comfort. It comes with an exclusive dual hammer effect handling mechanism. Other notable highlights of the ratchet wrench are handle exhaust, adjustable speed trigger, and a reverse/forward power control. The length of this cordless ratchet is about 7.3 inches. It weighs only 5.8 pounds thus easy handling and transport from place to place. Its durability has been a major point in many users’ feedback. Its strength allows it to perform heavy duty task for many years without depreciating. This is a sign of durability thanks to its excellent construction.

This great impact tool comes with a socket set and is an exclusive kit. Its features an ergonomic design, which enhances the user comfort. It’s a real cordless ratchet with great features.
Are you are looking to have a successful profession? The Ingersoll Rand 2317G Ratchet Kit and Impact tool are one of the best.

Features and Specifications, which make the ratchet kit excellent

  • Socket set and carrying case

Not all products come with a socket kit or a carrying case. The Ingersoll Rand 2317G Ratchet Kit and Impact tool come with a five-piece socket set. It also comes with a blow-molded carrying case.
The socket set contains a 9/16-inch socket, a ½-inch, and a 3/4-inch. It also has a 5/8-inch, a 7/8-inch, and an adapter. In addition, the socket has a design, which enables it to fit a ½-inch drive. This makes it a versatile kit, as you can use on different places and machines.

  • Air impact wrench

Like other Ingersoll Rand’s Edge series Impact tools, this air impact wrench is compact, which adds to its superior performance. It is also lightweight, and rugged. It has an exclusive dual hammer effect handling mechanism and a 6-vane motor.
The tool provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The wrench weighs 5.8 pounds and measures 7.3 inches. It includes a handle exhaust, and reverse/ forward power control. Another feature is the variable speed trigger. The variable speed trigger allows you to set your preferred speed when doing various jobs.

  • Ergonomic design

The Ingersoll Rand 231G air impact wrench and 170G air ratchet wrench has an exceptional ergonomic design. It provides the best torque accuracy. The design makes it easy to use , adds to the user’s comfort, which adds to its superior performance.

  • Air ratchet wrench

The best air ratchet has a heat-treated ratchet head and a 3/8-inch drive. They enable it to have a longer lifespan. The powerful tool delivers 55-foot pounds at a convenient speed of 170 RPM.


  • Easy to use

The impact tool, which has features such as a reverse/ forward power control, makes it easy to use. You can switch off when not using the tool. With these settings, you don’t need someone to teach you how to use the ratchet.

  • Good quality and long lifespan

The Ingersoll Rand is of high quality since it can work on anything ranging from cars to 18 airplanes. The materials and the heat-treated ratchet head, enable this impact tool to have a long lifespan.

  • Increased productivity

Using the impact tool increases productivity and safety. It is due to its ergonomic design, which also makes it an easy to use the tool and adds to the user’s comfort.

  • Lightweight

It is one of the tools that you carry around without having to call someone to help you. Its lightweight nature provides you with the best performance as well as comfort.

  • Adjustable speed

Something good about this tool is the adjustable speed trigger feature. You can use this feature to increase or reduce the speed of the impact tool, as you want.


  • Over the past years it has been in the market, there is not much to say. But, while using the tool, it is good to be careful to avoid damaging it.

#5 Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet

Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet

Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet is among the best air ratchet available on the market today. In its class, this cordless ratchet stands out as the strongest. It brings you a loosening torque of about 90(ft-lbs) and a fast speed of up to 280 RPM. It produces insignificant noise while providing you with substantial torque and power. It has been tested and proved to function at 83-86 dBA, far much below the OSHA standards, a benefit to not only the mechanics but also other professionals. It features an exhaust muffler mechanism technology that allows extraction of air with no development of back pressure, thus more performance and less noise.

This ratchet comes with an innovative by-the-handle exhaust style which includes a well-patented internal filter/muffler. The advantages of this feature include a reduction in breathing hazards as a result of taking in exhausted air. Again, it eliminates blow-by on the user’s lungs. The expertly engineered handles on this AIRCAT ratchet facilitate convenient weight distribution leading to a better, balance tool while providing maximum grip. The grip prevents this product from slipping from your hands thus preventing damage through unexpected accidents. It’s CE certified so you can be sure about its quality. Upon purchase, a one year labor and parts limited warranty, comes with the package. So, you don’t need to worry about natural defects occurring within this time.

While many aircat tools make good air ratchets, Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet Large stands out. Since it is one of the quietest ratchets, this awesome handy tool can help you to keep the least noise level when working. If you are planning to buy a ratchet for the first time, investing in this ratchet could be an excellent choice.

Features That Aircat ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet Large stand out

  • Loosening torque

The cordless ratchet provides you with a loosening torque, which makes it stand out as one of the strongest. The torque, which is at about 90 ft lbs is more than what other competitors offer, giving it an edge This means it is beyond the required most limit of 70ft lbs for an extended period. Because of this, it gives you a massive torque and power.

The loosening torque provides you with better performance. It allows you to do all your jobs like removing the bolts and brake calipers. This is a real great tool as compared to other ratchets available on the market.

  • Ergonomic handle

The aircat ratchet comes with an ergonomic handle designed to make its use easy, at the same time enhancing your safety. The handle is also durable, which means it can last longer, than other brands. The handle design also enables it not to slip from your hand while using it. Apart from the above, the handle provides you with an easy use trigger, well positioned, so no stress.

  • Polymer case

The ratchet comes along with a beautiful polymer case. The sturdy case can handle any kind of harsh and rough use. Even if you drop it from a high level, the ratchet cannot break. This means that you get an added advantage on durability along with a friendly price. What more could you ask for!

  • Patent quiet technology

The AirCat ACR802R Ratchet Large comes with a patented filter technology. This enables it to reduce the power and the level of the noise and but does not compromise its performance and speed. The quiet patent technology helps allow discharged air to pass without making back pressure. This contributes to keeping more power while reducing noise.


  • Easy to handle

The handle of this ACR802R 3/8-Inch Ratchet Large makes it easy to handle due to its design, especially the handle. Wrench handle has an ergonomic design and no matter how you take care of it; it cannot slip away from your handle.

  • Durable

The design of the ratchet and the materials used to make it, are of high quality. The quality ensures the products last longer than other products. This ensures it stands out. Also, the coating of this tool adds flavor to its durability style.

  • Lightweight

The ratchet weighs only 2.9 lbs and a shipping weight of 3 lbs. It is, therefore, easy to carry it around without feeling tired, so you can carry it even when you don’t need it.

  • High Performance and stability

This ratchet offers you of the highest performance and stability levels. It is due to its features such as a loosening torque. It provides an excellent performance as compared to others.


  • Can twist hands

Since you have less control over the torque applied, the powerful air socket can twist your hands. Using the ratchet without wearing safety glasses is not okay. This is to help protect dust from getting into your eyes.

Buying Guide

After a long duration of trying the different models of cordless ratchets, we found that even the highly-priced ones that rank among the heavy-duty tools could eventually provide a poor performance. Again, with the many distinct types of cordless ratchets flooding the market, getting the right product to suit your needs could be hectic. So, what exactly do you need to check and understand before setting out to search for the ideal model? Let’s find out.

Types of cordless ratchets

Only two types of cordless ratchets are available on the market so far. They include the air ratchets and the electric ratchets. All of them come with different functioning, so it’s important to understand what you prefer.

  • Air Impact ratchets:

All air cordless tools allow mechanics, repair, and maintenance professionals to work quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for home workers too. They are known to run cooler than similar electric tools. The fact that they come with few moving parts ensures that they are durable and cool to use. They come at a small but convenient size as well as a high power-to-weight ratio that makes them less tiring to use. Impact ratchets do the hard work of removing the large nuts. The high torque these tools generate and the hammer action, allow them to tackle big jobs.

High-end cordless air ratchet models can produce up to 550 Lbs of torque. There are a variety of air impact ratchet wrenches to choose from depending on the kind of job to be done. You will find full-size, high torque models as well as smaller models for tight spaces. Always look for well-gripped models with big triggers for easy operation and more comfort. You are free to utilize them for light fastening and removal, like changing spark plugs. Anything a manual ratchet can do, an air ratchet can do faster. Look for comfortable well-cushioned grips and an easy to use the reverse lever. Models with toughened steel on the head are more durable than those of other materials.

  • Electric ratchets:

Slightly different from the cordless air ratchets, electronic ratchets operate on rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Their motors produce relatively high torque and an operational speed of up to 250 RPM. They work perfectly in unlocking tightly fitted nuts. When purchasing electric ratchets, always put the battery capacity, torque, and the speed into consideration. Electric impact ratchets are also known to be larger and heavier than the air impact ratchets. Be keen to ensure you get the right size that will be comfortable to handle.

Verdict: Air or Electric ratchets?

Many people prefer the Air models for heavy duty tasks. They produce a higher torque and are relatively faster. Again, their size allows them to operate in narrow spaces. Talking about durability, air ratchets are again more durable.

The possibility of blowing up upon water impact is eliminated in the air impact ratchets; thus you don’t have to fret when utilizing them in wet conditions. The fact that air ratchets have no moving parts is a guarantee of a quiet functioning free from noise as opposed to the electric models. Lack of moving parts also ensures no breakdown thus more durability.

However, this does not mean that electric impact ratchets are poor. They also provide excellent services when handled with utmost care. The choice you make from the two categories remains with you.

Cordless Ratchet brands

Milwaukee and Ingersoll are the most popular brands. Just like the Craftsman, Dewalt, Aircat, Black+Decker and Bosch, they aim at easing the work of mechanic and the repair and maintenance professionals. Below is a summary of various Top Brands.

  • Milwaukee:

Milwaukee ranks among the best manufacturers of cordless ratchets across the globe. Their cordless ratchets come in different sizes, voltage, torque power and weight.

  • Ingersoll:

Ingersoll is a re-known manufacturer of cordless ratchets. Their products aim at the contractor markets and come in different sizes, torque power and speed.

  • Aircat:

As their name suggests, Aircat is a famous producer of air impact ratchets. Their products are available at a broad variety of sizes, torque power and operation speeds. They are also available online at different prices.

  • Dewalt:

Dewalt ranks among the most famous producer of quality, affordable and high-performance cordless ratchets. Their products are available in the leading online stores. They offer multiple lines that include the thick and heavy duty as well as those powered by Li-ion batteries.

You are sure to get a quality cordless ratchet from any of the brands mentioned above. Go for a device that suits your work best. Although price should be considered, always let it be the last factor. Avoid being dismayed by price to fall for an inferior quality product.


This guide is here to let you go for the best product. We are confident that upon adherence to the stated instructions, you will come out with a high-quality, excellent performing, and an affordable cordless ratchet. Care and use of a tool for the right purpose ensure that it last long to serve you in the best way.

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